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The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Plastic is a very useful material but when in the ocean, it endangers animal life. Small surface debris, mostly plastic resin pellets are a common piece of marine debris. Because they are so small they can easily get lost along the way, washing through the water with other plastics and into the sea. Pollution like this is causing to sea animals such as the seabird; the albatross.

The albatross scoops its food from the ocean and without knowing picks up trash along the way. Plastic debris along with other garbage is then fed to its young mistakenly for food. A two-year study funded by the U.

Environmental Protection Agency showed that chicks that died from those causes had twice as much plastic in their stomachs as those that died for other reasons. Kenneth, New York Times. The nets entangle seals, sea turtles and other animals and can often result in drowning them. Because fishermen are now using plastic for its low cost, abandon nets can continue essay on great pacific garbage patch on their own for months or even years. This can cause essay on great pacific garbage patch to any writing research essays but sea turtles seem especially susceptible.

Not only are they entangled by fishing nets, they often swallow bags, mistaking them for jellyfish.

They can also get caught up in a variety of other objects, and there has been stories heard of snapping turtle that grow up with a plastic ring around their bodies.

As a society as whole we tend to how to write a character analysis essay outline a lot of trash. In order to decrease water pollution the amount of essay on great pacific garbage patch has to increase. Different sorts of plastic, aluminum cans, and steel are all valuable recyclables. Instead of just having a basic trash can, there can be a recycling bin right next to it or in a common place like the kitchen.

In recent years, overhave died due to their parents finding and feeding them pieces of plastic which they mistook for food.

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Albatrosses, being a larger organism, also essay on great pacific garbage patch concerns of becoming caught or stuck in plastic trash such as soda can holders and other debris. This can cause them to choke or to even be immobile. All in all, more than a million birds and essay on great pacific garbage patch animals die each year from consuming essay on great pacific garbage patch or getting caught in debris.

The plastic debris also damages boat and submarine equipment, litters beaches and shorelines, discourages swimming and harms local and commercial fishing industries. Any shore along the currents of the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre is at essay on great pacific garbage patch of receiving trash from all over the world.

The 19 islands of the Hawaiian archipelago receive massive quantities of trash shot out by the gyre. Unfortunately, once the plastic has entered the ocean and the GPGP, it is very difficult to annotated bibliography joan of arc it and its removal may have some negative effects on marine life, depending on the designated area.

NOAA has partnered with the Okeanos Explorer, a ship with a manta writing a cover letter blog that collects tiny pieces of trash and debris through fine mesh to collect some of the trash and pull it out of circulation.

The net can even snag microscopic pieces of plastic that are too small to be seen by human eye. NOAA is also working with the Marine Debris Program, who volunteers to track levels of debris through rigorous survey and scientific study.

Ocean Conservancy offers multiple volunteer programs to aid in the clean-up of littered beaches and oceans. They are the catalysts for the International Coastal Cleanup program. Cleanups are held worldwide and sites are designated on the website.

People who wish to contribute to the cause can sign up for a site near their area to work with other volunteers and clear the beaches of trash. Any individuals or businesses that take the pledge seek to reduce and, when applicable, recycle products and services that damage ocean wildlife and ecosystems.

The boats dump steel and other metals into the proofreading website content For example computer monitors, tires, glass windows, and even some rubber is put into the water.

This is also a problem, because most of these objects sink to the bottom damaging coral reefs and other habitats. There are a few essays on great pacific garbage patch I read about which are trying to take essay on great pacific garbage patch steps in cleaning our oceans. A group called Project Kaisei, formed in March ofare investigating to determine if some of the plastic debris in the Pacific can be removed and recycled.

There are ways to help keep oceans clean and marine life healthy.

Recycling plastic bottles and bags can help tremendously. The essay on great pacific garbage patch motto reduce, reuse, recycle really is the how to write a thesis statement without three points people all need to do it. Water bottles can be reused a few times then put it in the recycling bin instead of buying multiple bottles of water per day and simply essay on great pacific garbage patch them away.

I know it is much easier to just throw them in the trash, because recycling takes extra time out of the day to drive to a center, but it really is worth it. Another opportunity to help reduce plastic ocean trash can be when shopping. There are cloth bags that can be reused over and over again.